Our customer Luca, having noticed a lack of a listel on the radiator grille of his Alfa MiTo, asked us to make a tailor-made mask that resembled the one of the new Alfa Romeo 4C model.

No sooner said then done.

We removed bumper and radiator grille from the car, we cut the listels (both from grille and from bumper) and then we completed and painted the external frame.

Then we cut a tailor-made beehive style grille in ABS material and mounted it on the car. We kept a design which was very similar to the lower grilles in order to give a sporty look to the car’s front.

We intentionally left the listels next to the logo as they were, since behind them there are two bushings for fixing the grille to the original bumper.

A truly excellent result and a change of aesthetic impact, very "elegant" and well embedded with MiTo lines.

To get the result you can see in these pictures, we took about two working days.


03/2017 update

Note: This product is no longer available.


Do not hesitate making us any questions, technical or easy ones. We are here to help you!


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