Mercedes Benz E300 headlights restoration

How often do you see a “yellowed” or spoiled headlight?

Nowadays, more and more vehicles are circulating with opaque headlamps. The reason for such deterioration is the material with which the transparent part of the headlight is made.

Polycarbonate is a material with great transparency and workability, however it can be easily affected by weather, UV rays and heat.

The headlights of cars and motorcycles has completely changed in the past two decades, both from functional and aesthetic point of view.

We now have lights more and more futuristic and of all shapes, but this leads to a disadvantage: after few years we start to notice those annoying "lines", very similar to scratches, on the outside part of the headlight. Those signs, in the long run and together with the yellowing process, force us to replace the entire light (because, clearly, there is no spare part).

Here at RD Custom, we often restore those headlights and take them back to their original brilliance.

The owner of this Mercedes told us about the fact that his original Xenon lights weren't so bright any more during night driving. So, we disassembled the headlights from the car, opened them and completely cleaned them, removing from the transparent part, from the plastics and from the optics, that annoying dusty patina which formed over the years.

Once closed them up again, we made a treatment for the exterior: we completely removed the surface of the polycarbonate and spread a special product. Once it has hardened, this product provides 100% lucidity and transparency, besides as acting as anti-UV and protection against stones.

Finally, we installed new 6000k Xenon D2S lamps instead of the original of 4300k. We also installed a Full-LED H7 system for main beams.

An excellent result for a car that, we hope, will last for further 15-20 years.

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