The Land Rover range has for decades been limited to a few legendary models that have made the history of off-roading; Discovery Sport was born in 2015 to replace the popular Freelander in range and size.
The design of Discovery Sport is immediately appreciated by the public, thanks to Family Feeling Land Rover this SUV with its small size and very attractive price has recorded excellent sales volumes.
Positioning, however, below the range and parallel to the most luxurious and risky Range Rover Evoque, the contents and accessories of the Discovery Sport are often reduced on most of the specimens in circulation; among these, for example, we find the headlights that in a large percentage of Discovery Sport sold are simple halogens with incandescent lamps.

The headlights of the Discovery Sport

The first Discovery Sport series was offered with three types of headlight:


Halogen headlight:

Halogen low beam, high beam, DRL, position and turn signal.

Bi-Xenon headlight:

Adaptive Xenon low and high beam, halogen turn signal and LED DRL and parking light.

AFS Bi-Xenon headlights:

Adaptive Xenon low and high beam, halogen turn signal, LED DRL and parking light and LED turning light.

Enhance the car

Almost all èhalogen equipped Discovery Sport owners, can't look at his car with the same eyes after seeing the beautiful design of the LED in Bi-Xenon headlights, so much so that it brings Discovery Sport to be one of the cars we work on most, along with Range Rover Evoque.

Our mission

Many customers want to upgrade their Discovery Sport headlights installing the Bi-Xenon headlights with LED design.
We care about our customers, so we studied the standard headlights and their electronics, succeeding in installing the LED and Xenon headlights even on cars that come with halogen headlights.

Headlight electronics

In addition to the platform (which derives from that of the Freelander), Discovery Sport also shares part of the electrical system with Range Rover Evoque, including the headlight management system.
Not very surprised, we found that the use of our RD EVO (the LED management unit we designed for Evoque), can also be used perfectly on Discovery Sport.
After refining the project, here is our Retrofit!

Safety first

Driving in the evening with halogen headlights is really tiring, especially on unlit roads. Incandescent lamps mounted on Discovery Sport emit very little light, while the Bi-Xenon OSRAM system is capable of 3000 Lumens, almost 300% more.
But how to make all this power work with standard electronics? Our RD EVO also does this, the car "reads" the headlight as if it were a standard halogen headlight, without error lights or malfunctions, not even from the Land Rover diagnosis.


The design of the LEDs on the Discovery Sport is truly unique, recognizable from a great distance.
Their operation, however, is very different from that of simple standard bulbs, so our RD EVO transforms the current that normally feeds incandescent filaments, into the right signal that serves the dozens of LEDs present in the headlight to work.
The functions of DRL (Daylight) and position are perfectly maintained, so when the engine starts you will have maximum brightness and when you switch to the side lights or dipped headlights, the brightness will be reduced.

As standard

We have always been very keen on the quality of the components to the RD Custom, so as the best component of a light original Land Rover ?
No "LED Kit" purchased on the internet, no Chinese component , only the original quality of Land Rover engineering.

High and low beam

The low beam of Bi-Xenon headlights works with an Osram D3S 4800K lamp, Pure White color. The high beam is managed with an electromagnet inside the projector, which moves the dimmer raising the light beam instantaneously, no delay due to switching on of a second bulb as on the halogen light.

The LEDs

The LEDs that illuminate the characteristic design are dozens and are managed by our electronics as would the standard one. As soon as the engine is started they turn on at maximum brightness, when they switch to the position light they are modulated with a square wave PWM signal, which reduces the intensity to about 70%.

The installation

To be able to mount the Bi-Xenon headlights on the car with halogen headlights it is necessary to mount them with the 4 original fixing screws and connect only the standard plug ; there is nothing else to do, Quick and easy Plug & Play .


Our Bi-Xenon headlamps with RD EVO are compatible with all Discovery Sports equipped with halogen headlights produced between 2015 and 2019, no distinction between equipment or engine.


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