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Even a complex system like those installed on the latest generation of Mercedes can be a great challenge for us.
Our customer Emilio regretted the option of the adaptive Bi-Xenon headlights on his 2016 Mercedes GLK and, after buying them, he realized that it is not sufficient install them to make them work.

For this reason he entrusted us with his headlights. After opening the new optical groups, we took multimeter, paper, pen and a lot of patience and we created a scheme on paper of the Bi-Xenon headlights which are equipped with daytime running lights and LED turning indicators, in order to understand how to turn them on without the seemingly indispensable CanBus signal of the car.

Customized electronics

The control units (Driver Modules) for standard LEDs were not present in the headlights and we preferred it to be so; once decided the roadmap to follow for the project to be successful, we created a master for those that would have become the final management electronic boards.

The decision was as simple as it was revolutionary: create for each headlight management electronic board that integrates: LED driver; module for turning indicators; square wave generator for different light intensities; OR circuit for switching off the daytime running lights when the turning indicator is switched on and circuit for shutting down errors on the on-board computer.
The result is a true masterpiece, the mother of all electronics: a board weighing about 300gr, designed and built entirely by RD Custom, capable of stable currents and an excellent protection of the delicate LED installed in the headlight of the Mercedes GLK.

To drive these LEDs it was necessary to generate very high currents (1-2 Ampere) at voltages between 25 and 50 volts, while still ensuring a stable and clean ECU output.

A very special projector

But when it was time to celebrate we noticed another problem: the Xenon D1S projectors installed as standard are not the classic Bi-Xenon, but projectors with light output control. These projectors, instead of being equipped with an electromagnet for the high beam, have on the inside a cam moved by a stepper motor that, depending on its position, blocks or allows the light on different portions of road.
The light beam can be controlled in shape and depth in order to always get the best performance without causing annoyance to other drivers.

Not all the connectors are the same

And how to deal with the main light connector? Simple! We bought a Halogen headlight like the one originally installed on Emilio's Mercedes GLK, we created the PIN scheme and, through special tools, we matched the positions of the Bi-Xenon headlight to those of the Halogen.

We are almost done! Connectors plugged, Xenon ballasts inserted into the headlights, a pair of fantastic Osram CBI D2S lamps... and we are ready to go illuminate the streets!

Also the Mercedes GLK Bi-Xenon headlights have been successfully installed.
See you at the next Retrofit!


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