Since its first appearance, Range Rover Evoque has hit with its “dazzling” and futuristic design.

Although years have passed, it has proved to be a car that does not grow old and that never bores.

In 2016, however, he underwent a restyling that changed his aesthetics, in harmony with the Family Feeling of the Land Rover group. The details of the Facelift 2016 version include optical groups with a new design and new functions.

The first version was proposed with three different types of optical units:


-Halogen with reflector LED DRL

-Bi-Xenon with LED DRL and a distinctive design

-Adaptive Bi-Xenon with LED DRL and a distinctive design


Also 2016 version is proposed with three different headlights:


-Halogen with reflector LED DRL

-Bi-Xenon with LED DRL and a new distinctive design

-Adaptive full-LED with LED DRL and a new distinctive design


Updating is what it takes


After the upgrade, many Range Rover Evoque owners had the desire to "refresh" the front of their car by installing new optical units, some of them even replacing the bumper, even if not necessary.

The owners of Evoque 2016 with halogen headlights, instead, may want the option of Full LED or Bi-Xenon headlights, because they forgot to require them when ordering the car, or because that package didn't offer them as an optional, or because they bought a car ready for delivery. How to blame them... It's really a shame to drive such a beautiful car with simple halogen headlights.

But there is a big problem: the electric system of the Evoque Facelift has been upgraded with management systems that are deeply different from the previous ones and this makes the new headlights not compatible with cars produced before 2016.

Since we have received many updating requests we studied a brilliant solution in our RD Custom style; After thoroughly studying the two models and the differences between them, we developed a transformation method that makes the 2016 version headlights compatible with the "old" specimens.

The evolution of the project

At the very beginning the light was opened, each of the original LED was welded in parallel to the others and we made it work both LED and Bi-Xenon system through a card we made by hand for each headlight.

The requests increased and we realized that the waiting times due to this "manual transformation" were actually very long.

So we designed an Ex-Novo management card, which allows us to make this edit in less time (about a week) and that makes the headlight much more reliable and functional.

Our “RD Evo 3.1” board is a programmable ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that can handle both Bi-Xenon headlights and Full LED lights as if they were installed on a 2016 onwards Range Rover Evoque model.

These are the features we have integrated:

  • DRL working at 100% brightness 
  • Parking light at 70% brightness 
  • Lateral end-outline marker always on at 100% brightness 
  • Turn indicator at 100% brightness (Full LED only)
  • The daylight or parking light turn off when the turn indicator is on, then they turn on again after about a second when the turn indicator lamp is turned off (Full LED only)
  • CanBus on-board computer error exclusion circuit
  • High-precision PWM LED control


But that’s not all! With our RD Evo 3.1 it is also possible to install LED turn indicators on Bi-Xenon headlights (with an additional modification of the headlamp), just like the Full LED ones; The board is ready to replace the missing halogen turn signal with an additional CanBus circuit.

Our RD Evo 3.1 is ROHS certified, it is made with the best materials and with the best components, because we want to be sure that with this transformation, our headlamps will last much longer than standard ones.


How does Retrofit work?


First of all we need to open the headlights, then we have to separate the extremely delicate transparent part from the rear assembly thanks to equipment, tools and techniques specific for Range Rover Evoque headlights.

The original sealant (glue) is completely removed, then we proceed to the actual electrical modification by making the necessary connections and weldings; we remove the OEM management board and install the RD Evo, connecting it using the original plugs (connectors).

After this procedure, each headlight is tested for about 3 hours, checking all the functions and that the temperature inside the optical group remains within the normal range.

Once quality check is passed, we seal up the headlights with a new water-based sealant (one of the best in the world) and let it dry.

After about 24 hours of drying, everything is refined and the headlight is ready to be mounted back on the car.




-If I ship my halogen headlights, can you transform them to make them identical to the Bi-Xenon or Full LEDs of the Evoque MY2016?

-No, the service provided includes the necessary changes to make the MY 2016 Bi-Xenon or Full LED headlights work on cars that do not mount these headlights as a standard.


- My Evoque is a MY 2016 but it mounts Halogen headlights, is this modification also valid for my car?

-Of course, Range Rover Evoque from 2016 onwards with halogen headlights are very similar to those produced before 2016.


-Once you have closed the headlights, may be that they will steam up due to condensation? 

-Absolutely not, we offer a 24 months warranty for modification and waterproofing. It is possible to extend the warranty period up to 48 months (4 years)


-Is there any risk for the car, the electrical system, or the warranty of my car? 

-No, RD Evo has been tested extensively before being offered to customers and respects all the original headlight specifications, so that the car will not notice any changing. The car warranty is in no way affected, since any change remains within the optical unit itself (please note: clearly the parent company will not recognize the warranty on the optical unit, therefore our warranty will be valid in lieu of the Land Rover warranty).


If I sell the car or if the long-term rental expires and I want to return my Evoque, can I bring it back to the state it was before the change?

-Yes, of course! You just have to re-install the original headlights.


-Once you will send me back the modified headlights, or I will return the car, do I need to seek for professional help (an electrical mechanic, a mechanic, a coach builder)?

-No, you don’t need to. Headlights can be easily mounted or demounted, also in your own garage; you just need a 10mm hex key in order to loosen the two upper screws, then the light pulls out by releasing the spring hook as indicated in the car manual.


-If a xenon (ballast) control unit burns up or one of the lamps run out, is it due to your modification? Will I have to buy spare parts from you?

-Ballasts and lamps are components subject to wear and tear, so when a lamp or a Ballast will break down, it will only be because they have come to the end of their life; Spare parts can be found at a Land Rover dealer, on the Internet or here at RD Custom (we offer spare parts with discounts up to 70% on Land Rover standard price list).


Watch the videos


Here we show you the test of the first board we used for the Reverse-Engineering



In this video we have documented the modification made for a customer who requested the Retrofit of the Bi-Xenon headlights, but with the addition of the LED turning indicators like those present in the Full LED version.



Here you can see how we assemble an optical group after completing the conversion




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