Since LED technology has been introduced in the automotive lightning field, we got used to seeing big and small cars with more and more powerful and nice looking lights.
As you can easily imagine, a similar amount of samples placed on the market is equivalent to an increasing number of failures.
The difference between an halogen light and a LED light is remarkable, both from functional and aesthetic point of view.
In theory, LED lights are quite reliable and, if electronics which manage them are well designed, LEDs can last for many years.
That is why automotive companies design lights to last long, since they don’t need any maintenance. In fact, it is very difficult to find a LED headlight that is easy to open in order to replace its electronics or LEDs.
But what does that mean in a practical way?
When a LED stops working or an ECU breaks down, the headlights has to be entirely replaced with a new unit which is often very expensive, due to the high technology used.
This model of SSangYong Rexton dates back to 2014. Despite its very small use, one of the back light broke down.

In no time

Our customer brought us the headlight, whose parking light did not light up.
At RD Custom, we opened the headlight and tested both LEDs and their small and simple control board.
Surprisingly, we found out that the resistors installed on the board, during the functioning, reach such a high temperature to loosen out welds. Since the board is mounted vertically, it is easy to see how resistors tend to detach when the board becomes too hot.
We restored all the welds and installed a specific thermal tape on the rear of the board, in order to considerably lower the temperature which now reaches about 70° C degrees after two hours of functioning.
We finally resealed the headlight and now it works perfeclty.
Great job, SSangYong!


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