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Craftsmanship wins, always. Always.

We demonstrate it, once again, with our new RD 7even.

Hand-made with the best available components, they have been studied, designed and manufactured to make you forget about the few, expensive, and poor aftermarket lights currently available.

What we are showing you is not just the second version of the best headlight ever, but it's all WE are. Passion, commitment, knowledge, technology.

RD 7even is available only with our new "RD HID" Xenon Kit and if used in combination with RD HB or RD EB lamps, RD 7even will guarantee you a unique visibility, higher than which of the OEMs of the most prestigious brands. All of this with a breathtaking aesthetics and a reliability off the charts.

Ballasts are certified IP68 and still work even if dipped in water.

But the best is yet to come!

Unlike ANY OTHER optical group on the market, you will also benefit from a nearly infinite type customization.

You can choose the ballasts, the lamps, the colours, the covers, the led... The only limit is your imagination!

If you have a specific idea, ask for it! We will do it for you!

RD 7even optical units are designed to fully comply with the 7-inch standard projector, with its depth and, most of all, with the H4 standard present in all vehicles with "round 7-inch" headlights.

The front transparent cover is made through a COLD mould of a pure original Plexiglass Resist of 4mm.

Made by SWELLING (and not by injection or moulding), it guarantees an absolute perfection, an unequal thermal and mechanical strength and the complete absence of mould stitches.

Plexiglass Resist is the same material used for the windows of sports facilities and some kind of public spaces and also for racing cars windows; we chose it because it is simply THE BEST in terms of reliability.

This plexiglass is also treated to withstand UV, so it does not yellow or mild as usually happens with polycarbonate headlights.

Completely transparent, it guarantees a luminous transmittance of 97%, higher than that of polycarbonate, which stops at 90%.

The projector we installed on it is the widely-proven RD H1 Bi-Xenon 2.0,highly effective and with a lifetime guarantee.

For our RD 7even we offer a wide selection of covers (the same ones you can find on sale on our site), selected according to their size in order to make RD 7even extremely cured and stylish.

The paintings we offer for free, both for cover and for Housing, are all made of high-quality paint and heat-resistant up to 800 ° C. We finish them with a layer of transparent polyurethane to prevent discolouration and keep the colour intact (the transparent covering ensures and protects colour for over 10 years).

If you want a colour other than the ones proposed, the paint will be made to meet the same standard requirements.

If the "Angel Eyes" option is selected, an Angel Eye ring of "SMD with Diffuser" type will be installed in the optical unit; this is the most reliable and brightest model of the entire proposed range. The size and position will be appropriate to the selected cover.

We also offer the option of a second ring (colour of your choice), which can be activated by a wireless remote control with a range of up to 300 meters.


Links and compatibility:

-The included xenon kit, the angel eyes and the wiring are SPECIFIC for H4 installations (also Canbus).

-The xenon kit is STABILIZED and does not interfere with any on-board computer.

-Canbus compatibility with electrical systems of any car manufacturer, model, version or year of production.

-The electrical and/or manual adjustment of the beam is kept unaltered


Contents of the packaging:

-2 RD 7even Bi-Xenon optical groups

-2 Ballast RD HID of the chosen type

-2 Lamps RD HID of the chosen type

-1 specific plug&play wiring



-24-Months warranty on manufacturing defects

-Lifetime on projectors


Installation time:

-About 2 hours


Legal notes:

Prices includes Italian VAT

Mounting costs are not included

Final adjustment (through standard adjustments) is required once the product is mounted on the car.

RD Custom will invalidate the warranty in case of any defect caused by improper use or installation.

All components which can stop functioning due to normal decay are not cover by warranty.


Compatible also with:

-Land Rover Defender

-Toyota Land Cruiser

-Suzuki Samurai

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Garanzia LedCare

Qualità prima di tutto

La garanzia RD Custom LedCare ridefinisce il concetto di tranquillità.
Acquista l'estensione di garanzia che preferisci e viaggia in totale serenità; i nostri prodotti sono di qualità e sono studiati per durare nel tempo.
LedCare è una garanzia chiara e trasparente, che estende semplicemente la durata della garanzia iniziale, senza clausule o postille.
Fino a quattro anni di copertura per il tuo impianto Xenon o LED, qualunque sia la tua auto, qualunque sia l'utilizzo che ne fai.
Vogliamo essere sicuri che i nostri prodotti funzionino per tutto il tempo che vorrai, così dovrai semplicemente guidare, senza fare altro.

Che la tua auto percorra 5.000 o 100.000km all'anno, al freddo o al caldo, con la pioggia o con il sole, vogliamo che i nostri fari facciano sempre ciò che devono: illuminare, e bene.