RD Matrix - Range Rover Vogue

RD Matrix - Range Rover Vogue

Headlights Upgrade Kit for L405 2013-2018

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An upgrade that makes you fall in love

If you have a Range Rover you already know how beautiful the headlights of the Facelift 2018 version are; but perhaps, what you don't know is that unfortunately it is not enough to buy and mount them.

The connector and electrical system are completely different and it seems like an impossible job. But luckily there is RD Custom!

We present you RD Matrix

RD Matrix was born to be simply "the solution to all headlights". A computer that holds the car's system and new headlights off with perfect understanding.

Il dialogo è tutto, anche con i fari. RD Matrix è bravissimo a fare da interprete tra due linguaggi differenti; così tutti sono d'accordo e fanno il loro lavoro.

We found that to make the Range Rover headlights work, "just ask please"; so we designed RD Matrix.

All the road you will travel, in a small space

A highly intelligent computer, which does everything you want.

RD Matrix is not a control unit, it is not an adapter, it is a real computer. Who would have thought that you need all this power to turn on the headlights of your Range Rover?

RD matrix is a wonder

It interfaces directly with the CanBus and LinBus systems of your Range Rover, reads the necessary data and controls the new headlights perfectly. No error!

The control unit of the new headlights is very complex, RD Matrix follows the step and overcomes it.

A powerful processor to do everything, but quickly. Reads from the car, processes and sends data in less than 30ms; as fast as your computer, but dedicated only to headlights.

Thanks to the internet, we will take care of it

RD Matrix must be initialized after connection; you connect it and we take care of the rest. And thanks to the QR codes present as standard on the headlight we will do it in a flash.

From complicated to easy, as always

  1. Sequential Turn Signal (only compatible headlights)
  2. 100% DRL and Low Bright Position Light
  3. Low beam and Matrix system (Matrix and Pixel headlights only)
  4. Automatic high beam
  5. Cornering light
  6. Additional cornering light

All standard functions and much more:

  1. "City" mode: approaches the beam below 50 km/h (30 mph)
  2. "Extraurban" mode: moves away the beam between 50 and 110 km/h (30 and 68 mph)
  3. "Adverse weather" mode: approaches and enhances the beam below 65 km/h (40 mph)
  4. "Highway" mode: moves away and strengthens the beam above 110 km/h (68 mph)
  5. Turn lights: widens the beam below 40 km/h (25 mph)
  6. AHB (Automatic High Beam Assistance): automatically activates the high beams between 25 and 40 km/h (15 and 25 mph) by turning them off when other cars arrive
  7. SLHB (Supplementary Laser High Beam Assistance): automatically activates the Laser high beam over 80 km/h by extending the beam up to 600 meters (Laser lights only)

Top quality

RD Matrix is built with the best technologies, the best materials and the best components; RD Matrix does not compromise!
Inside there is an entire computer programmable with our own operating system, specific for Range Rover

A real software

To manage all this technology you need solid and reliable software. Our operating system has been programmed for Land Rover software. It is not an addition, it is fully integrated with your Range Rover; and with the USB port it can be programmed and updated to offer you more and more.

Thanks to a RAM, the operating system is always ready to go, even with the car turned off; and with the programmable ROM the data is never lost, even when you disconnect the battery.

RD Matrix is super-compatible

RD Matrix is compatible with all Range Rover from 2013 to 2018

  1. With Halogen Headlights
  2. With Bi-Xenon Headlights
  3. With AFS Bi-Xenon Headlights

RD Matrix is compatible with all the headlights of the new Range Rover

  1. FULL LED Headlights (LOW NA, LOW RT, LOW LT*)
  2. MATRIX LED Headlights (MID NA, MID RT, MID LT*)
  3. PIXEL LED Headlights (HIGH NA, HIGH RT, HIGH LT*)
* these abbreviations correspond to the codes on the headlights

RD Matrix is designed to be 100% safe:

  1. No error on the on-board computer
  2. No error in OBD diagnosis
  3. It is not detectable with any diagnosis
  4. No risk for the car's electrical system
  5. No risk of headlight failure
  6. No possibility malfunction during travel

Technical Specifications RD Matrix:

  1. RISC CPU specific for Range Rover systems
  2. Overcurrent and short circuit power protection
  3. Automotive certified cables
  4. Overheating protection
  5. Tri-layer printed circuit board and SMD components
  6. Control software with remote diagnosis of the entire CanBus circuit


Watch the Matrix system in action!



See the headlight mounted on this Range Rover Sport!


Range Rover
from 2013 to 2018
Pacakage contents
Computer + specific cables + USB cable
Basic warranty
24 months if you buy as personal purchase 12 months if you buy as a business

Garanzia LedCare

Qualità prima di tutto

La garanzia RD Custom LedCare ridefinisce il concetto di tranquillità.
Acquista l'estensione di garanzia che preferisci e viaggia in totale serenità; i nostri prodotti sono di qualità e sono studiati per durare nel tempo.
LedCare è una garanzia chiara e trasparente, che estende semplicemente la durata della garanzia iniziale, senza clausule o postille.
Fino a quattro anni di copertura per il tuo impianto Xenon o LED, qualunque sia la tua auto, qualunque sia l'utilizzo che ne fai.
Vogliamo essere sicuri che i nostri prodotti funzionino per tutto il tempo che vorrai, così dovrai semplicemente guidare, senza fare altro.

Che la tua auto percorra 5.000 o 100.000km all'anno, al freddo o al caldo, con la pioggia o con il sole, vogliamo che i nostri fari facciano sempre ciò che devono: illuminare, e bene.

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