LED360 DRL PSX24W - Jeep Compass

For models from 2015


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When driving, visibility has always been synonymous with safety. For this reason we develop kits for the upgrading of every car.
RD LED is the product line created with the utmost modern technologies: a LED lamp for DRL which seems an original accessory.

A wonderful colour

The LED DRL strike for their Cool White light. Our RD LED have a fantastic colour: 6000K pure white; no yellow shade and a precise colour for a modern look.

Fast and reliable

RD LED DRL can be easily installed in a few minutes and lasts years. So you can transform your halogen DRL into LED DRL As if it were standard, but much more beautiful.

All in one

RD LED DRL can be easily installed, simply by replacing the original DRL of Jeep Compass. No electrical resistance and no external cables. They are 100% compatible with the electrical system of your Jeep Compass; goodbye, errors!

Mount, use and forget

With a warranty of up to four years and a similar quality, you can enjoy your Jeep Compass in the dark and forget to replace lamps.

LED, the right upgrade

If is equipped equipped with Halogen headlights, every Jeep Compass have halogen DRL; LED is what you need.

Extreme power

20W OSRAM Oslon LED. A lot of power for the right light also during the day.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel structure and PMMA optics; quite a shame to install them.

Car warranty? No problem!

An easy to assemble specific product that does not invalidate the warranty of your Jeep Compass, you can not ask for anything better.

Instant restoration

Is your a leasing car, rented or do you plan to sell it? You can demount our kit in a moment and remount the original lamps; RD LED DRL leaves no trace.

Do-It-Yourself? Better!

You can install RD LED on your Jeep Compass even by yourself and without any tools; no technical knowledge required.

Same colour, unique aesthetic

For a complete upgrade of your Jeep Compass, buy our RD LED DRL; identical colour and identical quality. ALL IN!

CE, RoHS, E-Mark, DOT

Many acronyms, only one meaning. RD LED has well four certifications, not bad!

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Jeep Compass
from 2015 onwards
Bulb type
1600 Lumen
6000 Kelvin
Operating temperature
45 ° (room temperature)
Avarage theoretical lifespan
20.000 hours
Operating voltage
9-16 Volt
Pacakage contents
2 Lampade

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