Pixel Tail - Evoque 2012-2020

Pixel Tail - Evoque 2012-2020

Plug&Play Tail Lights

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A new Look

The new Range Rover Evoque tail lights are one step ahead, for look and functions.

With a new “Wave” parking light design, they are unique; another time.

The central brake light is really bright, with eight LEDs and high power you can't miss the braking.

The Sequential turn signal is "hidden" in the position light design. The optic is red, but during the flashing the light is orange. What a magic!

Now look at your old lights, do you still like them?

Old to new in five minutes

Two screws and a connector; done!

Brighter turn signal and reverse

A big step forward for security.

Parking light and stop with a beautiful design

Unique, as always.


Immediately compatible with all Range Rover Evoque from 2012 to 2016

Original is better

With the original lights, the aesthetic never risks being "Showy"

It takes very little

The kit has the same plug and the same fixings as the old lights. You don't have to change anything.

Sequential Turn Signal

The new Dynamic turn signal is so beautiful to look at, that you would always drive with the indicator on.

More light, also on the rear

Now it's clear when the lights are on, even during the day. The old lantern does not stand up to comparison.

Range Rover Evoque
from 2012 to 2016
Package contents
Pair of tail lights

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