RD Pixel - Evoque 2012-2016

RD Pixel - Evoque 2012-2016

Plug&Play Headlights

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In one word... Evolution.

Since its very beginning, RD Custom has always offered cutting-edge products related to automotive lighting by bringing the latest technology to cars from previous generations.
This time we wanted to exaggerate: we thought, designed and made a really amazing product.

RD EVO contains in a small space, all of our experience, our passion and all the latest automotive lighting technologies and allows us to install the Bi-Xenon Range Rover Evoque MY2016 headlamps with cars which aren’t natively equipped with them.

RD EVO is the solution for everyone!

Many Range Rover Evoque owners have the desire to "refresh" their car by replacing old optical units or halogen ones with the new Bi-Xenon models. However, who tried to do this by himself, had to face a big problem: new headlights don’t work once installed.

The reason is very simple: the electrical system are deeply different from the previous ones and Evoque headlights are very complex.

Our ECU is designed to handle the new Bi-Xenon headlights, but it can do much more!

Mounted on Bi-Xenon headlights, it handles the following functions:

  1. DRL working at 100% brightness 
  2. Parking light at 70% brightness 
  3. Lateral end-outline marker always on at 100% brightness 
  4. No errors or problem with the on-board computer

RD EVO is RoHS certified

 It is built with the best technologies, the best materials and the best components; for RD EVO no expenses has been spared!
It integrates a high-precision PWM controller for LED luminance management; its high-voltage circuits are designed to minimise the heat released and, above all, it is entirely made with SMD technologies.

January 2019 update:

Is it possible to improve an already excellent product? Here at RD Custom we are convinced that it is possible, so that we have designed and developed a new version of the RD EVO, the 3.1.
With an improved electronics and connectors identical to the standard ones, for an even tidier installation and unparalleled reliability.
By purchasing the service you will be entitled to the new RD EVO 3.1 for free, without any extra charge.

Would you like to install the new Bi-Xenon headlights?

Compatibility for Evoque models from 2012 to 2016:

  1. Halogen headlights vehicles
  2. Bi-Xenon headlights vehicles
  3. Bi-Xenon AFS headlights vehicles

Compatibility for Evoque models from 2016 to 2019:

  1. Halogen headlights vehicles
  2. Bi-Xenon headlights vehicles

The modification service requires about one week and provides:

  1. Opening of optical units
  2. Modification of internal installations
  3. Installation and configuration of RD EVO control unit
  4. Closing and testing
  5. Quality check 
  6. Warranty

RD EVO technical specifications:

  1. High-precision PWM controller
  2. On-board circuits for high current and high voltages
  3. Canbus 3.0 circuit
  4. Predisposition for Bi-Xenon headlights management
  5. Integration of turn indicator management and DRL


Watch the Bi-Xenon headlight in action!


How does the service work?

It’s very easy! Buy here the transformation service or contact us, we will make the modification and send you the new headlights ready for installation!

Useful information:

  1. In addition to the installation of our RD EVO, the transformation also includes other modifications; we do not sell RD EVO separately from transformation.
  2. After the transformation is complete, the headlights will be installed without any further modifications.
  3. The coding is tailor-made according to the specifications of the car on which the optical units will be installed, so we need you to communicate us the headlight model installed on the car before the transformation.
  4. The conversion does not alter the low beam and high beam illuminating system.
  5. The mechanical and electrical adjustment (if provided) will work as expected as standard and will not be altered in any way.

The price includes:

-Transformation service
-Pair of Bi-Xenon headlights (Right+ Left), new and original


-Warranty coverage is 24 months from the date of purchase and it covers: faults or defects due to transformation, moisture due to incorrect sealing of the optical assembly or any work-related problem.


-We offer the possibility of delivering and collecting of the optical units at our headquarters.
-Once the work has been completed, we can also offer a service for the installation on the car (please note that this service is not included in the transformation price).

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Range Rover Evoque
from 2012 to 2019
Pacakage contents
kit: pair of upgraded Bi-Xenon headlights ready to mount
Basic warranty
24 months if you buy as personal purchase 12 months if you buy as a business

Garanzia LedCare

Qualità prima di tutto

La garanzia RD Custom LedCare ridefinisce il concetto di tranquillità.
Acquista l'estensione di garanzia che preferisci e viaggia in totale serenità; i nostri prodotti sono di qualità e sono studiati per durare nel tempo.
LedCare è una garanzia chiara e trasparente, che estende semplicemente la durata della garanzia iniziale, senza clausule o postille.
Fino a quattro anni di copertura per il tuo impianto Xenon o LED, qualunque sia la tua auto, qualunque sia l'utilizzo che ne fai.
Vogliamo essere sicuri che i nostri prodotti funzionino per tutto il tempo che vorrai, così dovrai semplicemente guidare, senza fare altro.

Che la tua auto percorra 5.000 o 100.000km all'anno, al freddo o al caldo, con la pioggia o con il sole, vogliamo che i nostri fari facciano sempre ciò che devono: illuminare, e bene.

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