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RD Custom offers a total guarantee for its products for a period ranging from 1 to 240 months from the date of purchase, with the exception of:

-anything not included in our supply

-products for which a limited warranty is specified (e.g. LED position lights and halogen lamps)

-products for which malfunctions cannot occur (e.g. non-electrical or electronic objects)

After the period of coverage, any malfunctions may be caused by wear and tear of the components.

In this regard, when the defect occurs within the warranty period, the product must be replaced or repaired by RD Custom.

In no way after any repairs or replacements is an extension of the guarantee offered, always valid from the date of purchase.

Please note that the duration of the warranty cannot be extended. 


Forfeiture of the guarantee

The warranty is immediately void if the product:  

- It is being used improperly 

- It is handled without due care  

- Gets altered / tampered with

- It is installed by incompetent personnel

- Not fixed by RD Custom

- It is immersed in water or used outside the expected standards


PayPal / Credit Card dispute

If the customer opens a dispute or claim without a good reason, RD custom will still honor the contract but reserves the right to cancel the warranty.

We always recommend contacting us before opening any complaint.


Instructions and documentation

Some of the products and components on sale in our Store require professional installation.

If necessary, the products will be accompanied by assembly instructions that must be followed carefully.

Some specific products for each car may be shown with different connectors, lamp holders or components and therefore the images shown in our store may be indicative.

Due to the huge variety of plugs, connections, fixings and electrical specifications of the vehicles on the market, it is not possible to photograph every single product variant.


Photographs and technical specifications

RD Custom reserves the right, if necessary, to update or modify its products for reasons of safety, reliability and/or technological updates.

If a product in the Store is updated or modified, RD Custom will send the customer the most recent and improved version of the item even without notice.

In this regard, the descriptions and images shown may not correspond to the actual article.


Shipping the Defective Item

The shipping costs of the defective item are always paid in advance by the sender.

RD Custom offers a support ticket system; we will try to solve an issue as fast as possible, but if the issue can't be solved remotely and/or the product needs further controls, we will ask the customer to send it back with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation).

Most of our products are built on order or specifically made for customers. If we proof that the item is actually defective, we will repair or change it for free.

In any case RD Custom will send new items for free without receiving the defective item first, as a defect proof is always needed from our technicians and after professional controls.

In any case RD Custom will send a new item and refund a deposit; any action needs to be justified by an actual defect that can be proven only after receiving the item.

If the product is not defective, the return costs are borne by the sender, therefore, before proceeding with sending the object described as defective, it is necessary to check that the aforementioned situations do not occur and, above all, that each component is installed correctly.

When you are certain that you have identified the defective component, pack it with the utmost care (if it arrives broken it is absolutely not considered) and send it to our office. If in doubt, if you prefer to send several parts or even all the components, they will all be checked as best as possible to identify the problem.

Upon receipt, RD Custom will verify that:

-The product has not been tampered with in any way (adhesives, screws, silicones, modifications of any kind are equivalent to tampering)

-The product was shipped within 5 working days from the appearance of the problem (so as not to further complicate the situation and/or the malfunction)

The material sent for guarantee always travels at the risk of the sender; RD Custom assumes no responsibility due to transport damage and, if this occurs, the carrier will be held responsible.

A component received broken, which is not defective, or which is lacking any documentation required, will not be considered under warranty and this object will be returned to the sender ("as-is" or following repair/replacement for a fee) .

The shipment will be made with a traceable method and preferably with an express courier.


Repair Timeline

Repair/replacement times require an average of 7 to 15 working days but in the case of discontinued, handmade or specially made products, times could be extended up to 60 days. 

Repairs are done in chronological order and are queued as soon as possible.

For no reason will work or interventions be carried out with times dictated by the customer.

As soon as the component is ready it will be sent automatically as soon as possible.

In no way, RD Custom is required to bear the inconvenience due to the temporary absence of the components.


If the product is considered "non-repairable", RD Custom will replace the good only with an identical one or one of equal value.
If the purchased product is updated with new revisions or versions following the purchase ( and if the version purchased is out of production), RD Custom will replace the product with the version available at the moment.

If after the date of purchase, the product should undergo price changes or be the subject of special promotions, RD Custom will not be required to answer or reimburse any price differences; the initial contract will prevail.


Standalone or third-party installation

If the material sold is installed independently or by third parties, any assembly and disassembly costs will always be charged to the customer.


Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal within the terms of the law is applied to customers who choose to receive the material by shipment. In-store pickup works just like it normally does for in-person purchases.

The right of withdrawal is not applicable, pursuant to Legislative Decree 185 art. 5 Paragraph 3c, for products and services supplied to measure.

The right of withdrawal for online purchases is regulated by European regulations and specifically:

-This right is applicable within 14 days from the date of purchase

-The customer who wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal must promptly notify it by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or PEC

-The good will be returned by insured and traceable shipping at the customer's expense within 14 days, perfectly intact and with all its parts subject to written authorization from the company and accompanied by a correctly completed return form.

If the customer returns without authorization, the goods will be refused.

The company reserves the right to withhold a partial or total sum on the order if the goods arrive: with damaged boxes, with missing parts, scratched and/or not for resale.

The right of withdrawal will not be applicable and, therefore, the company will charge the cost of repair or return to the customer if the goods are returned:

-Damaged, without packaging or all of their parts

-With stickers removed, warranty seals altered or screws tampered with

-Beyond the term of 14 days and/or without written communication

-Not working

The right of withdrawal is also not applicable:

-For purchases made by companies and/or resellers

-To goods purchased on sale or with special discounts

-To partial orders

-A goods and services made to measure for the customer or to order

-To individual components if sold in kits

-To goods or services purchased outside the European community

Following receipt of the return, the company will test its complete functioning and perfect state of conservation, arranging to issue a refund (net of shipping costs and/or accessory costs) within a period of 30 days.


Conditions of sale to Companies:

For companies and customers who purchase with a VAT number, the above applies, except for the following:

-The right of withdrawal is not applied

-It will be the customer's responsibility to check the purchased goods and report any type of defect and/or malfunction within eight days of receipt, giving written notice.

-If the company, due to lack of time or desire, transfers the contacts to its end customer (for troubleshooting, RMA and/or any kind of request), the end customer will be managed as a new customer. Therefore, to avoid charges of any kind, we advise any company acting as intermediary to continue acting as intermediary until complete resolution of the files.

-The guarantee for any type of service is 30 days

-The guarantee for any type of handmade product is 90 days

-The warranty for any type of mass-produced component is 12 months

-The company that buys from RD Custom to resell to an end user will behave as required by law and will constitute a "seller".

Shipping, damage and loss:

RD Custom offers the shipping service by express courier to every country in the world.

The transport is operated by third parties (e.g. DHL, SDA, UPS) and in case of loss, damage or delay, the responsibility will be attributable to them.

RD Custom assumes no responsibility for negligence in transport. Once the goods have left the premises, they will be under the full responsibility of the carrier.

The goods travel (if the value exceeds €99) with "insurance"; it will be the customer's responsibility to receive the goods, always signing subject to inspection, even in the case of apparently intact packages.

A forgetfulness during the reception of the package, or lost waybills following the reception, will relieve the carrier and RD Custom from any responsibility.

Couriers usually make two delivery attempts.
If both attempts are unsuccessful, the shipments will remain in storage with variable times and methods depending on the courier and the country of destination.
Following the designated storage, in some cases the goods are returned to the sender and in others they are disposed of or trashed.
If the customer fails to collect the goods within the storage times, RD Custom will not refund the order for any reason; it will be the exclusive care and responsibility of the customer to collect the shipments in storage.

If the shipments are returned to the sender by charging the storage costs, RD Custom will refuse the delivery and in no case will the order be refunded.


Stocks and uncollected orders

If for any reason, an order (even one that has already been paid) should not be collected within 30 days, RD Custom:

-reserves the right to dispose or reuse the goods

-does not guarantee free storage, nor will it be liable for any damages

If the goods are still in the warehouse after the above term, RD Custom reserves the right to charge the customer a storage cost calculated on the basis of the time elapsed and the size of the goods.

After 90 calendar days from receipt of goods for processing, RD Custom will consider the contract terminated, any costs incurred will be understood as a "Deposit Confirmation" and will not be refunded.


Worldwide shipping

With express courier


With Klarna and PayPal

Up to 4 years Warranty

On all products


For installation and after-sales