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RD Control is our new line of products to transform your car into a real spaceship.

Install, connect, control!

RD Control is a Display that transforms the air conditioning of your Range Rover into a Touch Screen panel; hooks and connections are the standard ones, so you can mount it even without specific knowledge.

It works right away, you don't have to do anything. Everything is configured Automagically!

Each control will be close at hand, each command is designed to be simple and intuitive.

We speak the same language!

The RD Control software is programmed to communicate with the systems of your Range Rover without any errors and without having to code anything, what kind of witchcraft is this?

Fast and responsive; each command is executed immediately and the software does not have to start. As soon as you turn on your Range Rover , RD Control is ready to go!

All the controls, and more!

Temperature, defrost, seats, multi-zone; RD Control commands everything, nothing is missing!

Click, set, travel. You will just have to enjoy your cockpit, without thinking about anything else.

Light, color, action!

RD Control it adapts the theme of the screen according to the external light. During the day the display is white with high contrast, at night it becomes dark to be perfectly legible.

You can also set the theme you prefer or adjust the display lighting, so will always be as you like .

An original look, in the blink of an eye!

Ten minutes and that's it. Installing RD Control on your Range Rover is very fast ; once assembled you will have an original, spatial, futuristic, modern look. All together!

RD Control winks at the new Range Rover , goodbye buttons and knobs!



Thursday, 11 August 2022

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Range Rover L405
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Plug&Play Touchscreen Kit