LED500 D3S - Full LED CANBUS Kit - Stelvio 2016-2022

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18.000 Lumen
6000 Kelvin
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Introducing LED500, the world's most advanced CANBUS LED Kit in terms of quality, performance, and reliability.

LED500 is our LED Kit designed to be simply perfect, crafted with exceptional build quality and a strong focus on light beam, making it the perfect LED Kit for Alfa Romeo.

Thanks to the next-generation Osram LEDs, LED500 delivers an impressive 18.000 lumens with a color temperature of 6000k, making it perfect for use on dark or partially lit roads, whether dry or wet. It adapts to virtually any condition!

Each lamp in the kit is equipped with two high-power LEDs positioned on the sides, with a 180° emission angle each. Thanks to this brilliant arrangement, the light beam maximizes the optics of the Alfa Romeo, achieving an incredible efficiency of 99.5%, in contrast to Xenon and halogen lamps that reach a maximum of 70%. With its power and efficiency, LED500 offers an improvement of up to 200% compared to standard headlights.

Furthermore, thanks to its compact size, LED500 can be directly installed into the Alfa Romeo headlight without the need for drilling caps or placing external components.

LED500 is truly the most exceptional LED kit in the world.


Perfect for Alfa Romeo projectors

With its 360-degree light beam, LED500 is the only kit in the world compatible with Alfa Romeo projector headlights (lens-based, polyellipsoidal), capable of creating a perfect and shadow-free light beam.


Environmentally friendly and high-quality

LED500 is constructed with eco-friendly materials of the highest quality. The copper used is 100% recycled, and the aluminum is 90% recycled. This choice makes the kit environmentally friendly without compromising durability and performance.


Durable materials

The structure of LED500 is made entirely of pure aluminum, ensuring strength and effective heat dissipation. Inside the heat sink, there is a pure copper radiator with Heatpipe technology, cooled by a silent and compact fan.


Complete integration

Despite its exceptional performance, LED500 has the same dimensions as the original lamp, ensuring a simple and secure installation. The kit includes everything necessary for effective cooling, allowing mounting close to the cap without compromising performance.


The world's most compact driver

LED500's driver is designed to work even in the smallest headlights, eliminating the need for drilling or modifications. The electronics have been developed to power the LED optimally, protecting it from voltage fluctuations and overheating.


Car under warranty? No problem!

Installing LED500 is easy and does not void the warranty of your Alfa Romeo. Simply connect the original plug, and within moments, you'll be ready to go, even without any special skills or abilities. Installing it is as easy as changing a regular bulb.


Instant restoration

If your car is leased, rented, or you plan to sell it in the future, you can quickly remove LED500 and reinstall the original lamps without leaving any traces.


Goodbye errors

With LED500, you can rest assured that your Alfa Romeo's electrical system will be safe, and no errors will ever appear.

LED500 is the ideal solution to achieve superior illumination on your Alfa Romeo, improving visibility and road safety.


Choose the LED500 kit and experience luminous perfection.

Alfa Romeo Giulia (All versions)
2016 onwards only with 35w HID system
Bulb type
26 Watt
18.000 Lumen
6000 Kelvin
Aluminium and Copper
Operating temperature
-30 / +50 ° (Celsius)
Avarage theoretical lifespan
50.000 hours
Operating voltage
9-36 Volt
Package contents
2 Bulbs
Specifiche KIT LED Inglese

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