LED500 D3S - Full LED kit for HID Xenon headlights - Vogue 2013-2017

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16.800 Lumen
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We introduce you RD LED500, the world's most advanced LED Kit

RD LED500 is our LED Kit designed to be simply perfect. The very high quality and the great attention to the light beam make it the best LED Kit for Range Rover Vogue

Thanks to the new generation Osram LEDs, RD LED500 is capable of as much as 10.400 lumens, the color is well balanced (6000k) and perfect for use on dark or partially illuminated roads, dry or wet, practically everywhere!

Each lamp is equipped with 2 high-power LEDs distributed on two faces of the lamp, each with a 180° emission and positioned to be in the exact point of focus.

Thanks to this ingenious arrangement, RD LED500 emits light in the same way as a halogen lamp, making the most of the D3S optics of the Range Rover Vogue.

And thanks to its reduced dimensions, RD LED500 can be installed in any headlights, without having to drill holes in the caps, without having to place any component outside.

RD LED500 is truly the best LED Kit in the world.

The perfect beam

We have always been concerned about the beam of light projected by the headlights of our customers, always giving priority to precision and not to power; this means visibility!

LED500, our highest expression

Our first LED kit dates back to 2008, years before all the false experts started to offer their NON-KIT-LEDs; we spent time, but we wanted a lamp that could finally exceed the Xenon headlights both for light and power.

All-round LEDs

With our LED500 system, the LEDs are distributed on the two sides of the lamp, each LED has a 180° emission beam, this means that the LED500 lamps are able to really cover the 360° of emission as a halogen lamp and again better than a Xenon lamp.

The only LEDs really compatible with Range Rover Vogue projectors

Thanks to the 360-degree beam of light and the absence of the external "filament" of Xenon lamps, RD LED500 is the only kit in the world compatible with Range Rover Vogue projector headlights, able to create a beam of light PERFECT and without shadows.

Not all LEDs are the same

RD Custom has always offered its customers only the best products and, if we made you wait to offer you a LED Kit, it's only because we wanted to be sure of offering you the best; RD LED500 gives a perfect colour to your light, it can be mounted in any headlights and gives its best in any light.

Perfect and respectful

Built in the best possible way, RD LED500 is environmentally friendly; the materials with which it is built are all ECO-Compatible: the copper is 100% recycled and the 90% recycled aluminium.

Look at that light!

The light beam that creates RD LED500 is really perfect. No shaded areas, no more illuminated areas, perfectly designed cuts and no reflections.

Aluminium, copper and stainless steel

The structure of RD LED500 is entirely in pure aluminium, resistant and ideal for dissipating heat; inside the sink there is a radiator in pure copper cooled by a tiny fan.

All integrated

The LED500 heat sink is exactly big as the original D3S igniter; inside there is everything necessary for an effective and safe cooling, so you can mount RD LED500 also close to a cap without risking to penalize its performance.

The smallest driver in the world

With its 3cm x 1,5cm x 5cm, the RD LED500 driver finds space even in the smallest headlights, goodbye holes and goodbye dirt!

Car warranty? No problem!

An easy to assemble specific product that does not invalidate the warranty of your Range Rover Vogue, you can not ask for anything better.

Instant restoration

Is your a leasing car, rented or do you plan to sell it? You can uninstall our RD LED500 in a moment and reinstall the original bulbs; RD LED500 leaves no trace.

Goodbye errors

With RD LED you can feel comfortable; the electrical system of your Range Rover Vogue is safe and you will never see errors appear.

Watch RD LED500 in action!



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Thursday, 11 August 2022

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Range Rover L405 (All versions)
from 2013 to 2017
Bulb type
26 Watt
16.800 Lumen
6000 Kelvin
Aluminium and Copper
Operating temperature
-30 / +50 ° (Celsius)
Avarage theoretical lifespan
50.000 hours
Operating voltage
9-36 Volt
Package contents
2 Bulbs