HID 2.0 H9B - Xenon Kit for Opel Corsa D with AFL headlights

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6000k - 3600lumen

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The best, once again!

RD HID 2.0 is the Xenon kit made in RD Custom, designed and created to be once again THE BEST.

The first version, replaced by the 2.0, has made all our customers happy; this new version is ready to hit the target!

Flickering? Occasional shutdown? Indefinite light? Let those who buy Low Cost kits on eBay spend their time monkeying around the bonnet.

With our RD HID 2.0 your life will be simpler: you buy it, install it and then you are ready to go!

For RD HID we spared no expenses; for 2.0 version we did not made any compromises!

Why you should choose it?


Because RD HID 2.0 has the following advantages:

-Ballast Canbus with TWO stabilizers specific for Opel Corsa Restyling with AFL headlights

-Specific wirings made with SILICONE and not rubber.

-Lamps with ceramic base, charged with PURE Xenon gas

-"AC" type kit (AC current) stable, silent and fast

-Very fast heating time

-No electrical interference

-The installation does NOT require any modification to the car and is also feasible for those who are unfamiliar with the Xenon kits


And the following disadvantages:


You can choose between two types of lamps:

-RD HB (High Bright): 3200 REAL Lumen for 4300k version; 3150 Lumen for 5000k version; 3050 Lumen for 6000k version

-RD EB (Extreme Bright): 3600 REAL Lumen for 4300k version; 3550 Lumen for 5000k version; 3400 Lumen for 6000k version

Data declared FOR LAMP and measured at 35w output.

The best thing of both these lamps is that they are suitable for any power. They are designed to be mounted on ballast up to 100w of real power without the slightest strain and without suffering.


Measurement HB 4300k output:

-35w 3200lu

-55w 4100lu

-75w 5000lu

-100w 6200lu


Measurement EB 4300k output:

-35w 3600lu

-55w 4600lu

-75w 5500lu

-100w 6900lu


Average lamps lifetime:

-35w 60.000 hours

-55w 50.000 hours

-75w 35.000 hours

-100w 20.000 hours


Technical specifications:

-Consumption at 13,2v: 59,4w +/- 10%

-Output: PWM 30-50w

-Vin: 9-16v (5-19v per 5sec)

-Ballast dimensions: 16mm X 86mm X 63mm

-Stabilizer dimensions: 30mm X 27mm X 60mm



-E11 (0A1)

-E11 (10R-023149

-E11 (10R-023150





Warranty on manufacturing defects:

Ballast 2 years

Lamps 2 years


Contents of the packaging:

-2 ballast

-2 lamps

-Specific wiring with rubber cable-seal

-OPTIONAL: LED T20/5w lamps for DRL/parking lights specific for Opel Corsa D Restyling (Facelift)


Thursday, 11 August 2022
Le produit est de bonne qualité
Thursday, 11 August 2022
Dies ist ein sehr gutes Produkt, das ich jedem empfehlen würde

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