DPF Removal and remap - Sport and Vogue SDV6 292 and 306hp

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RD Custom is pleased to introduce our exclusive DPF removal service, specifically designed for the 292hp and 306hp Sport and Vogue SDV6 models. This procedure will not only improve your vehicle's performance, but will also transform your driving experience into an exhilarating adventure. Here are the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Increased performance: Removing the DPF frees your engine from unnecessary restrictions, allowing it to reach its full potential. The result is quicker acceleration and more immediate engine response.

  • Improved fuel efficiency: Without the DPF, your vehicle will use fuel more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and giving you more economical driving in the long run.

  • Reduced maintenance costs: By eliminating the DPF, you reduce the risk of clogging and related failures, decreasing the need for costly and frequent maintenance.

  • More pleasurable driving experience: Enjoy a smoother, more responsive ride with improved engine response and a more satisfying sound - a real treat for any Range Rover enthusiast.



Luca Marchesi
Friday, 05 January 2024
Percorso scorrevole, ottime prestazioni, scelta affidabile. Altamente raccomandato. RD Custom è una piattaforma affidabile.
Wednesday, 03 January 2024
tutto ok

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