RD Custom was born in the province of Lecco (Italy) in 2005 as a small hand-made modification workshop.

Driven by the passion for computers and electronics of its founder, Davide R., RD Custom has steadily evolved to keep up with the automotive technologies that, on the one hand, are proposed as upgrade and improvement, on the other are studied by reverse engineering to allow technicians to ensure safe and durable repairs or transformations.

R8Today RD Custom has a surface of more than 500 sqm with workshops and offices where it carries out research and development, performs repairs and transformations, manages site and e-commerce, welcomes customers' vehicles in an environment designed in order to maximize cleanliness, order and ergonomics.

RD Custom has always distinguished itself for its ability to offer products and services that meet customers' needs in a professional, effective and innovative way.

Every service or product offered employs the passion and skill acquired over the years to care for every vehicle as if it were unique and irreplaceable.

Its strength is undoubtedly the huge self-developed database that contains features, problems and tricks for most existing vehicles, so that it can operate safely and with the highest quality in development and realization of requests.

For these reasons, RD Custom is the choice of hundreds of customers around the world, for repairs, conversion and tailor-made components.







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