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HeadlightsElectronicsPassionRD CustomSince 2005

HeadlightsElectronicsPassionRD CustomSince 2005

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19 years of Passion

RD Custom was born in 2005 in the province of Lecco as a workshop for handcrafted modifications.

Driven by its founder Davide's passion for information technology and electronics, it has constantly evolved to keep pace with automotive technologies, proposed on the one hand as upgrades and improvements, and on the other studied through reverse engineering, so that technicians can guarantee safety and lasting repairs or transformations.

RD Custom is committed to offering products and services that meet customer needs in a professional, efficient and innovative way. In each service or product offered, he uses the passion and expertise acquired over the years to take care of each vehicle as if it were unique and irreplaceable.

Its strong point is the huge database independently developed over the years, which contains the characteristics, problems and secrets of most existing vehicles, in order to work safely and with the highest quality in the development and implementation of requests.

For these reasons, RD Custom is the choice of hundreds of customers all over the world for repairs, transformations or customized components.


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